2019Wednesday Street Legal Fun Drags


Gates Open: 4:00 PM – Racing: 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
$20 Car and Driver – $8 General Admission

SPECIALTY LANE 7 SCHEDULE 2019 (subject to change)
November 13……CANCELED 
November 20……Nor Cal Novas and Lexus of Sacramento
November 27……closed for Thanksgiving

Looking for photos of your car on Wednesday nights?

FUN RUNS(lanes 1&2)Full tree start. Open
to all vehicles for grudge racing. Dial your handicap or race heads up. No Eliminations. All tech rules apply.

STREET MACHINE (lane 3)Full tree start. All vehicles(except motorcycles). Dial your handicap. Must have DOT approved street tires. Trophy to winner.

STREET MACHINE (lane 4)Full tree start. All vehicles(except motorcycles). Dial your handicap. Must have DOT approved street tires. Trophy to winner.

CMI SPORT COMPACTS (lane 5)Full tree start. All sport compacts foreign and domestic. Dial your handicap. Must have DOT approved street tires. Trophy to winner.

CMI SPORT COMPACTS (lane 6)Full tree start. All sport compacts foreign and domestic. Dial your handicap. Must have DOT approved street tires. Trophy to winner.

SPECIALTY LANE (lane 7)Full tree start. Dial your handicap.  Each Wednesday Nite features a different type of car.  View schedule below.  

MOTORCYCLES (lane 8) Pro tree start. Open to all street motorcycles.  Wheelies bars not permitted. Dial your handicap. Must have DOT approved street tires. Trophy to winner.  March thru October only.

Due to cold weather conditions motorcycles can only compete March thru October.  If you would like to race November thru February please see the ET Bracket Racing Series Schedule or Test and Tune.

All vehicles must be muffled to 90 decibels at 50 ft.

  • All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  • All vehicles must pass a basic NHRA ET Bracket safety inspection. For
    a full listing of requirements, consult an NHRA Rulebook.
  • A single co-driver is permitted in vehicles running slower than 14.00
    Co-drivers must be at least 16 years old and must sit in the front seat.
  • All drivers and co-drivers must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves
    (no shorts or tank tops).
  • SFI/Snell approved helmets are required for all vehicles running quicker than 14.00 seconds.  Rental helmets available in the tower for $20
  • Motorcycle racers slower than 10.99 seconds are required to wear a heavy jacket,
    gloves, full face helmet with visor, and shoes covering the tops of the ankles. Bikes faster than 10.99 seconds or 120 mph MUST have one piece or all around zip together full leathers. All bikes must run a chain guard covering entire top of chain.
  • Drivers under 18 must have a waiver of liability form on file at the track and must be signed by parents to participate in Sacramento Raceway’s drag racing events.  minor release
  • Must be in full color and not folded. Bring the waiver to the track. Minor waivers are a once a year requirement.
    INTRODUCTION, NHRA DRAGS: STREET LEGAL STYLE PRESENTED BY AAA (5th Paragraph) (Page xiv) (9/18/2018) Additionally, requirements and specifications for Street Legal are the same as those for the Summit Racing Series with the following exception. 2008 OEM model-year and newer production cars running slower than 9.99 (*6.39) and 135 mph do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the ET break rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-tops must meet  roll-bar and roll-cage requirements. Vehicle must pass all highway safety requirements in the state in which the vehicle is registered. Unaltered OEM installed anti-lock brakes, airbag functions, as well as all other OEM safety related systems must be functioning as per manufacturer’s specifications. Note: Tires used may be other than OEM, but they must be DOT-approved.  All drivers must meet the Summit Racing Series helmet and protective-clothing requirements for the e.t. and mph of vehicle. 
Racing for all cars, trucks and motorcycles with Mufflers limiting noise to 90 decibels at 50 ft.  (standard muffler) If your car is legal on the street then it will pass tech inspection at the track.


The popular Wednesday Night Drags program will kick off it’s 48th consecutive year at Sacramento Raceway the first Wednesday nite of February.   The raceway will open its gates almost every Wednesday night from February -November for fans who would like to race down the central valley’s only quarter-mile drag strip.

The objective of the program is to give people, from teen-agers(age 13) to working professionals, a safe, legal and controlled environment in which to race their vehicles, as opposed to using city streets or back-county roads.

Every Wednesday nite through November.
Gates open at 4:00 p.m., racing spans from 5 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

5305 Excelsior Road Sacramento CA 95827

Anyone with a driver’s license or is part of the “JR Street” program can compete, providing their vehicle or motorcycle passes a simple technical inspection. All vehicles must have mufflers. The event attracts a varied crowd, including teenagers, mothers, working professionals and grandparents racing everything from Corvettes to Mini-Vans. Up to Two-hundred cars are allowed to compete each Wednesday night. The weekly event attracts an average of 900-1,200 people (competitors and spectators).

If you think your car might be too fast.  Click here to view:  NHRA E.T. Quick Reference Chart.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Only Hard Card photographers are allowed in the restricted area(beyond the red line, starting line, spectator side of drag strip, push road) If your crew member is found taking photographs in this area they will be asked to leave the facility.

Reminder – No Motorcycles in February or November.  Motorcycles may not use wheelie bars and must run street tires.  Advanced motorcycles can race during the NHRA Chassiworks ET racing Series.  All cars and trucks must be fully muffled street legal vehicles.
Not sold at track.
FOOD: Snackbar will be open 5-9pm.  Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed.
SEATING:  Grandstand seating is provided.  Bring a seat cushion and umbrella for the sun. 

If you are interested in scheduling your club or group on one of the open dates, email  Tim Wolhart   or Jennifer Trimp