Arm Drop Nitro Showdown

CIFCA Blown Alcohol 5.90 ET Funny Cars
“Might Mouse”, Mike Troxel’s “No More Alimony”, “Happy Hour”, Jim Curry’s “Dragnut”, James Maher’s “Jr Vibes”, Ken Breneisen, Bob Sanguino & All the way from Sweden Joacim Ljungberg’s “Raw Valley”

Jet Dragsters:
Steve Cooke’s “The Grumpy Gorilla” and Shelly Segal’s “Firestarter”

General Jerry Lee’s Pickup and Hoss Lee’s new World’s fastest race car on two wheels
OchoLoco 1/8th Mile
Nor Cal Drag Bikes
Bracket Bash for Cash, $5K to the winners
NHRA King of the Track Champion Run off
West Coast Pro Gas 7.60, 8.60, 9.60, 10.60 Door cars

Front Lot Stacking starts at 8:00 AM,  Ticket Sales and parking start at 4:00 PM-7:00PM
Pit Gate/ticket Sales open: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. All racers arriving after 6:00 PM can stay in the front lot until gates open on Saturday.

Pit gate ticket sales open: 8:00 AM-7:00PM, General Spectator (not restricted area) $20 in advance or $25 at the gate
Spectator Side (gate#3) open: 11AM-5PM, Admission $15 advance or $20 at the gate

All Gates Closed with no re-entry at 10:00 PM each night.

Crew Admission (restricted area pass):  
Thursday or Friday: $55, in advance per crew member or $60 at the gate(only full event Crew Bands will be available for purchase on Thursday and Friday)
Saturday:  $45, in advance or $50 at the gate (only 2-day Sat/Sun Crew Bands will be available for purchase) These are limited and may be sold out.

RACE ENTRY: $varies per category

PRE ENTRY: required for Nitro, AA/Supercharged, and OchoLoco not required for all other categories

RACER PARKING: Racer Package comes with one parking pass for tow vehicle only, when towing in the race car trailer.  Extra Overnight parking is $40 per RV or camp trailer or $20 per passenger vehicle. Passenger vehicles are not allowed to park in the racer’s pit area. Passenger vehicle parking is on the south side of the pits.
PIT SPECTATOR PARKING: Front lot parking is free. Pit Area parking is $20 per vehicle. Pit Parking is limited to designated area on south side of Pit area.  Do not park your vehicle in racer’s pit spaces.  You assume all risks of theft and damage while parking at Sacramento Raceway.

11:00 AM:  Pit Gates open ($50 per person for Fri-Sat)
1:00 PM- 5:00 PM:  Test & Tune ($100 includes Fri/Sat admission)
6:00 PM: CIFCA Funny Cars, Bracket Bash TT, WCPGA, Motorcycle
7:00 PM:  Ticket Sales End
10:00 PM: Gates Closed

8:00 AM-10:00 PM: Pit Gates Open ($25 per person)
9:00 AM: Bracket Bash TT, WCPGA, Motorcycles
12:00 PM:  Spectator Side Gates Open ($20 per person)
12:15 PM: AA/Supercharged TT, Outlaw Nitro Run
1:00 PM:  Bracket BashTT, WCPGA, KOT TT
3:00 PM: CIFCA Alcohol Funny Cars Q2, Bracket Bash R1, WCPG R2, Motorcycles, KOT R1, Outlaw Nitro Run, AA/Supercharged TT
5:00 PM:  Opening Ceremonies W/ Funny Car Parade & Jr Dragster Exhibition
6:00 PM: AA/Supercharged R1, OchoLoco R1, CIFCA Blown Alcohol Funny Cars R1
6:30 PM: Bracket Bash R2, WCPGA R3, Motorcycles R2, KOT Finals
7:00 PM: Wheelstanders, AA/Supercharged finals, OchoLoco R2, CIFCA Blown Alcohol Funny Cars R2, All Nitro, Jets
7:30 PM: Continue Eliminations Bracket Bash, WCPGA, Motorcycle
9:00 PM: Wheelstanders, Final Round of CIFCA Blown Alcohol Funny Cars, OchoLoco, All Nitro, Jets, continue eliminations for Bracket Bash and WCPGA
11:00 PM:  Gates closed (gates will re-open Sunday 8am)

Featuring the 2020 NHRA King of the Track Champion’s Run Off
(Summit Series Champions Run off for the NHRA Wally) “KOT”

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Current Bracket Bash Pre Entry list: