ET Series Categories

(7.00-11.99) Full tree, cross talk, optional staging, slicks, open exhaust and electronics permitted.  Helmet required. Win: $1,000, RU: $350, Semi: $125, Qtr finalist: Tech card.  Entry: $60 (car and driver)

(7.50-13.99) Full Tree, Optional Staging, Electronics or NOS not permitted. Slicks and open exhaust permitted. Helmet required.   Win: $700, RU: $300, Semi:$100, Qtr finalist: Tech card.  Entry: $55 (car and driver)

(12.00 – 24.99) Full Tree. Electronics, 2 step, transbrake or NOS Not permitted. Open exhaust and Slicks permitted(same as ET finals rules).  Win: $400, RU: $150, Semi: $75, Qtr finalist:  Tech card .  Entry: $45 (car and driver)

MOTORCYCLE (true start disabled)
(7.50-15.99) Split Tree, NOS not allowed. Optional Staging, open exhaust and Slicks Permitted.  Helmet, leathers and leather boots required.  Win: $175, RU: $100, Semi: $50.  Entry: $45(bike and rider)-(Min 12 bikes for full pay)

(dial what you want) Full Tree, Optional Staging, NOS not allowed, DOT tires and mufflers required.  Win: Trophy, RU: Trophy, Semis: Trophy.  Entry: $25 (car and driver)

NASA VW (select events)
Open to all air and water cooled Volkswagons with manual or automatic transmissions. Dial your own Handicap, .500 Sportsman tree, laddered pairings.  Trophies to win and runner up. Entry: $35 (car and driver) plus a $10 fee to be paid to NASA Rep for win and runner up payouts)

SUPER GAS (select events)
9.90 Index, Pro Tree, full bodied cars.  Win: trophy…..RU: trophy.  Entry: $55 (car and driver)
discount to driver’s racing both Super Gas and Super Pro

NOR CAL TOP COMP (select events)
6.10-8.00,  Dial handicap, Pro Tree.  Win: trophy…..RU: trophy.  Entry: $55 (car and driver)
discount to driver’s racing both Top Comp and Super Pro

Some Events may run in the 1/8th mile due to weather: due to week prior rain, high winds, fog conditions.  This will be determined on race day only.

QTR Final tech cards are awarded for categories of 24 or more cars/bikes and can be picked up at the souvenir booth on raceday only.  All QTR final tech cards can be used at the front gate, for admissions, testing, etc,  from after the last points race until after New Year’s Day Drags only.  Not valid during “track rentals” or the following year with the exception of NYD.