ET Bracket Racing

2020 NHRA TBR/Summit ET Racing Series Schedule


Tuesday January 1
(DD ET Challenge points)

Sunday January 12

Sunday February 9

Sunday February 23
(DD ET Challenge points)

Sunday March 15
(DD ET Challenge)

Saturday April 11
(DD ET Challenge)
(NHRA.TV Challenge, Wallys to Winners)

Saturday May 2
(DD ET Challenge)
(Wallys to Winners)

Sunday May 3
(DD ET Challenge)
(Wallys to Winners)

Saturday June 20
(Pacific National Open and DD ET Challenge Points)
(Wallys to Winners)

Sunday June 21
(Pacific National Open and DD ET Challenge points)
(Wallys to Winners)

Saturday June 27
(DD ET Challenge points)

Sunday June 28
(NHRA Member Madness RunOff)

Saturday August 1
(NHRA.TV Challenge w/Silver Wallys to Winners, DD ET Challenge points)

Sunday August 30
(DD ET Challenge points, Wallys to Winners, NHRA Member Madness RunOff: Winners from August 1 and August 30)

Saturday September 21-not a points race
(King of The Track Run off and Bash for Cash Bracket)

NHRA ET FINALS – October 1-4, 2020 @ Famoso Raceway

TruStart will be utilized at all events and categories using a full tree starting system. Both sides of the tree will display a green light and judge the worst red light, awarding the win to the lesser of the reds.