ET Bracket Racing

2020 NHRA Summit ET Racing Series Schedule
Tuesday January 1
Sunday January 12
Sunday February 9
Sunday February 23
Sunday March 15
(DD ET Challenge)
Saturday April 11
(DD ET Challenge)
(NHRA.TV Challenge, Wallys to Winners)
Saturday May 2
(DD ET Challenge)
(Wallys to Winners)
Sunday May 3
(DD ET Challenge)
(Wallys to Winners)
Saturday June 20
(DD ET Challenge)
Saturday June 27
Sunday June 28
(NHRA Member Madness RunOff)
Sunday August 30
Saturday September 21-not a points race
(King of The Track Run off and Bash for Cash Bracket)

NHRA ET FINALS – October 1-4, 2020 @ Famoso Raceway

TruStart will be utilized at all events and categories using a full tree starting system. Both sides of the tree will display a green light and judge the worst red light, awarding the win to the lesser of the reds.