High School Drags

January 1
January 17
(rained out)
February 14
February 28
March 12
March 30
April 24
June 18
June 19
August 24

Sunday October 9th

Gates Open 4:30 pm
on Wednesdays,
racing 5-10pm
(Admission is $8, racing free)

Gates Open 8am Sundays, racing 10am

Gates Open 12noon on Saturdays, racing 2pm

Admission is $15, racing free

Tech cards are available, for free, at the Souvenir booth.

There is no charge for Highschool Bracket racers to enter the Street category. However, you must pick up your free tech card at the souvenir booth.

Membership is free for Highschool Team members.

Highschool Bracket racers are eligible to race a 2nd category with the same car at all Team Sacramento Races. Entry fee varies.

Champion of the Team Sacramento Highschool Bracket races will receive a SRP Champion’s jacket and trophy at the SRP Awards Party.

All Drivers must compete in at least 50% of the Team Sacramento events to be eligible for Team Sacramento Year end prizes.

Top 5 points earners from the Highschool Bracket Series will be allowed to advance to the NHRA Summit ET Finals.

ET finals is free for Highschool Team members.

Highschool Bracket racers will compete for the Summit Showdown on Sunday October 9th, 2016 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The winner of the Summit Showdown will receive an NHRA Champion’s Jacket, NHRA Champion’s ring, NHRA Champion’s Wally and 2 free tickets to the NHRA Champions Banquet.



This page explains what SRP’s Highschool Drags is, when it is, and why we do it!    download the team member form here

Team membership(points) is free.  Racing is free.  ET finals is free.

When is the Highschool Bracket Racing?

During the Summit/Chassisworks ET Racing Series and a select Wednesday Nites. View schedule to the left.

Highschool Points?

points updates are located on the Summit ET program page. Click here

How is the program ran?

The Highschool Drags is a bracket race. Everyone in street races each other. The Highschool driver’s will receive points based on the number of round wins. If 8 or more Highschool Bracket racers enter the street bracket you will be separated to compete only against each other.

Am I eligible to enter?

To race in SRP’s Highschool Bracket races, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be a current Highschool student, or have graduated during the last school season
  • You need a valid driver’s license
  • DOT legal tires only
  • Car cannot go faster than 12.00 seconds
  • Racing is 1/4 mile unless weather prohibits

What is bracket racing?

A very brief summary of trophy racing would be that the goal is to run exactly, or as close to, what elapsed time you say your vehicle will run, without going faster, & still cross the finish line before your opponent does. You and your opponent are part of a group of contenders whom are all racing for the trophy.

The concept is to know what your car will run in the current weather, track conditions and your own ability as a driver based on the day of the race, not necessarily what you’ve done in the past and then be able to beat your opponent to the finish line. Your opponents are trying to do the same thing you are!

An example works like this:

You tell us your vehicle will run 13.48 seconds in a 1/4 mile. Your “dial in” is then 13.48 seconds.

Your opponent tells us their vehicle will run 12.85 seconds in a 1/4 mile. Their dial in is then 12.85 seconds. The difference in these example dial-ins is .63 seconds.

Since you said you are .63 seconds slower than your opponent, you get a .63 second head start. The head start is the difference between both racer’s dial ins. Your side of the tree will start the countdown & green light before your opponent’s side does. Your opponent’s goal is to then catch you before the finish line. If your opponent dials-in slower than you, then your opponent gets the head start. If both racers have an identical dial-in, then you both get the green light at the same time (referred to us “heads-up.”)

To prevent cheating, if you or your opponent go faster than what you or they dialed-in, that person will then automatically lose. If both of you go faster than your dial in, the person who “broke the rule” by the least amount will win. In addition, if you or your opponent leave the starting line before your green light comes on (called “red lighting”) this is an automatic DQ(disqualification) as well. Again, if both racers red light, then the first person who red lights will lose. This is referred to “first or worst.”

If you go slower than your dial in, that’s okay… as long as you make it to the finish line first! Almost everyone goes a little slower than their dial in; it takes a tremendous amount of racing skill & a very consistent car to run exactly what your dial-in is.

The racer who loses is eliminated from the group of contenders. The winner goes on to the next round of competition, and will compete against someone else who won in the previous round as well. These rounds of eliminations keep happening until there is one person left, and if you are the last person standing, you win the glory and the trophy!


Trophy racing is available for everyone, no matter how fast or slow you are.


The objective of the program is to give students a safe, legal and controlled environment in which to race their vehicles, as opposed to using city streets or back-county roads.