Sacramento Raceway Park Team Sac Newsletter

Team Sacramento Registration starts December 15, 2019.  Reserve your ET series T-shirt by signing up early. Only $20 per category. Pick up your Team Sacramento entry form at the 2020 Awards Party or download the PDF version with the button below after December 14th. Get 10 bonus points for signing up for Team Sacramento on or before January 1, 2020.  Get an additional 10 points for paying your ET finals entry fee by March 15th June 20, 2020.   August 1, 2020.
ET finals and team entries are non refundable.

Some Events may run in the 1/8th mile due to weather: due to week prior rain, high winds, fog conditions.  This will be determined on race day only.

QTR Final tech cards are awarded for categories of 24 or more cars/bikes and can be picked up at the souvenir booth on raceday only.  All QTR final tech cards can be used at the front gate, for admissions, testing, etc,  from after the last points race until after New Year’s Day Drags only.  Not valid during “track rentals” or the following year with the exception of NYD.

If you are part of Team Sacramento you can join the Team Sacramento Facebook “members only” page. Team Sacramento@SacramentoRaceway

January 1, February 23, August 1, August 30
This is an award given to each winner of each category throughout Division 7. Each track picks 4 race dates from their ET schedule, submits results to the Division Director and who ever gets the most points, for their wins, will receive: NHRA Wally, Jacket and (2) tickets to the annual Division 7 Awards Banquet in Vegas.


Cars Rnd 11st2nd3rd4th5th6thRUWin
perfect lite decal

Pick up your Perfect Lite decal every time you score a perfect lite, every race, any day of the week. .000, Bring your time slip to the Souvenir booth to pick up your decal. challenge

Silver Wally and NHRA.TV Hat to all NHRA Category winners in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle

August 30
All winners from August 1 and August 30 will run off for a custom NHRA trophy and National Event Credentials

Saturday September 19th
All Team Sacramento Category Champions Will run off to crown the King of the Track

trustart in effect

TruStart will be utilized at all events and categories using a full tree starting system. The tree will count to green in both lanes and then judge the worst red light. This option is currently not available in Motorcycle.