Chevy VS. Ford

Saturday Nite
July 11th

Racer Gates Open: 4:00 PM
Racing Time Trials: 5:00 PM
Eliminations: 7:00 PM
Pit Admission: $15 in advance online or
$20 when you purchase at the gate
Bracket Racing: $40 in advance online or
$45 when you purchase at the gate
Pit Area Parking: $5
Kids under 12: Free

for all Chevys and Fords (bodied or powered)
Also includes: General motor products
(Pontiac, Cadillac, Buick)


Race all nite against Chevys and Fords until the last Chevy or last Ford in competition
WIN…$500+ plaque, RU…$200, SEMIS…$100

KING OF THE EVENT FINAL: WIN…$500 + trophy, RU…$100
(last Chevy races last ford in competition)

FASTEST RACE CAR: $200 + plaque

BEST REACTION TIME: $50 + plaque


Dial handicap racing, Full Tree Start

2019 Race Results
Chevy VS Ford –
Win: Jake Guadagnolo – ’70 Nova – 9.781, 130.24 (9.78)
RU: Roger Phillips – ’69 Nova – 10.188, 131.08 (10.18)
Semis: Craig Renke, Don Morris

King of the Race – “last Chevy VS last Ford”
Win: Jake Guadagnolo – ’70 Nova – 9.770, 133.65 (9.77)
RU: Cliff Hall – ’65 Mustang – 9.492, 141.18 (9.50)

Fastest Race Car: Ralph Willis – 167.38 MPH
Best Reaction Time: Roger Phillips – .000
Best Overall Package: Roger Phillips – RT .000, 10.187 ( 10.18)

click here for NHRA Technical Rules


NHRA Safety Rules

CHILDREN:  Please keep an eye on your children, do not leave them in the grandstands alone, Children, under 14,  are NOT allowed in the staging lanes or starting line/tower area.  Please keep children away from the handicap seating areas, ramps, parking.  You are financially responsible for any damage your children do while you’re at the racetrack.
  Grandstand seating is provided.  Bring Seat Cushion and umbrella.
IN AND OUT PRIVILEGES:  NONE.  All in and out privileges have been canceled due to people abusing the wristband process.  Once you leave the facility you must repurchase your entry tickets.
PAYMENT AT GATE:  Please bring cash to pay for your entry tickets.  Using cash to enter makes the entering process 100% faster.  Food and souvenir Vendors only accept cash.
DRAG RACING PASSENGERS: Passengers in qualifying, time trials, eliminations are not allowed.  Passengers over the age of 16, in cars slower than 14.00 ET are allowed in the “FUN RUN” lane.
  Sacramento Raceway contracts with a concessionaire who sells, hot dogs, corn dogs, french fries, deep fried burritos, nachos, chili, soda, water, coffee, hot cocoa and beer.
OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE: Allowed Including Gas BBQ’s.  Absolutely NO briquette BBQ’s.  Why? because people dump the briquettes on the asphalt, burning a hole in the surface.  No exceptions.
OVERNITE CAMPING:  no overnite camping is permitted in the pit area.  You may camp in the front lot prior or post event.
REFUNDS AND RAIN CHECKS:  Advance sale, discounted tickets sold are not eligible for a refund only a raincheck.  Tickets purchased at the gate and cars that have been thru tech inspection are not eligible for a refund.  Your tech card, if a raincheck has been issued, is valid for the next CMI race or another CMI racing event.
NOT PERMITTED:  Alcoholic beverages, Weapons, Drugs, marijuana, glass bottles or pets. Please leave your animals at home. The racetrack can make dogs very nervous, causing even the most gentle dog to bite.
SMOKING:  Absolutely, no smoking allowed in the staging lanes, starting line areas.Section 118885 of the California Health and Safety Code prohibit smoking of tobacco in public places where a gathering is in progress.
LEAVING FACILITY:  Please be courteous of our neighbors by driving respectfully on Excelsior and Jackson Roads.
SUGGESTIONS:  Blankets, umbrellas, jacket, cash for food and souvenirs.  You will be able to use credit machine at the front gate.  The food concession and food trucks do not have a credit card machines.  A company has provided an ATM machine to the racetrack but it does not always have a sufficient amount of cash for events.
PHOTOGRAPHS:  Only Hard Card photographers are allowed in the restricted area(beyond the red line, on the starting line, spectator side of drag strip, push road, return roads) If your crew member is found taking photographs in this area they will be asked to leave the facility. You can contact one of our track photographers to obtain photographs of your car. Click here for Contact List.