2021Match Race Madness


2021 DRAG RACING RESULTS October 30 (NT)

West Coast Outlaw (Heads Up)
Win: Troy Baugh, ’68 Camaro
RU: David Allman
WCO Consolation
Win: Jay Boddie
RU: Jesse Adams

Small Tire (Heads Up)
Win: DJ Reid, ’00 Camaro
RU: Craig Sparks, ’69 Camaro
Semis: Johnny Coleman, Steve Kuhls

Limited Small (Heads Up)
Win: David Holtgrew, ’67 Nova
RU: Jason Joren, ’12 Corvette
Semi: Jim DiMaggio, ’94 Mustang

2 out of 3 Match races
Brian Kam 3/3 over Ryan Haluska
Henry Roberson 2/3 over Craig Merrilees
Titiana Weiss 2/2 over Lonnie Bartley
Lee Sawyer 2/2 over Danny Meyer
Junior Stanley 2/2 over Mike Eling
Joey Westervelt 2/2 over Moe Springfield
Alan Lauricella 3/3 over Brian Meyer
Rob Goode 2/3 over Matt Jessee
2021 DRAG RACING RESULTS October 20 (T)

Modern Mopar Muscle (Heads Up)
Win: Tom Kassebaum, ’19 Dodge Hellcat Redeye – 6.29, 116.98 MPH
RU: John Hawkins, ’19 Dodge Challenger – 6.33, 109.36

Sportsman Eliminator (Bracket)
Win: Mike Eling, ’65 ElCamino – 6.63, 99.34 (6.57 dial)
RU: Frank Stanley, ’69 Camaro – 6.54, 105.46 (6.18 dial)
Semi: Craig Merrilees, ’18 Tesla – 7.45, 92.32 (7.46 dial)

Imports (Heads Up)
Win: Manuel Borges, ’93 Civic – 14.58, 57.61 1/4 mile
RU: Agustin Mendoza, ’94 Civic – 13.00, 72.07 red light
Semis: JB, ’98 Civic, Joshua Ingram, ’92 Civic

Notable 1/4 mile Runs for the Import Cars
Mason McCaslin – 8.96, 165.78
Manuel Borges – 8.70, 172.47 – 8.76, 173.03
Starz Vue – 9.34, 154.90
Front Lot stacking Friday 8AM
Testing Friday 10AM-6PM: $250 extra
RACERS: $60 at the gate
CREW/SPECTATORS: $30 (2 day pass)
Parking/Credentials Sales Friday: 10AM-7PM
(gates are closed and locked after 9PM, No exit or entry after 9PM)

Gates Open: 8AM Saturday
Racing: 10AM-6PM
Bracket Eliminations: 12noon
RACERS: $60 at the gate or $50 online
SPECTATORS: $20 each
Kids under 12 yrs. : FREE w/adult
PIT AREA PARKING: $10 per car
Front Lot Parking: Free
RACERS: $60 at the gate or $50 online
(includes tech card, wristband, pit parking)

Big Tire or Small Tire Entry: $300 chip draw
Import Shootout Entry: $200 chip draw
Late Model Mopar or Sportsman Entry: $30
(All race entry money collected at the MRM booth goes back to the winners)

2 out of 3 Match Racing
Late Model Mopar Muscle Car
Sportsman Bracket
($500 bonus for 32 cars or more)
Big Tire (WCO)
Small Tire
Limited Small Tire
FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THIS EVENT CONTACT:Questions about racers, race procedures and MRM –
Steve Sherman (951) 551-5118
Questions about the racetrack details SRP –
Tony Trimp (916) 895-1566

1) Go to the races a few times before an MRM event and find a car that runs your number and ask them to race. 
2) Post a Photo of your car or time slip on the EVENT or MRM web page and ask for a race.  
3) Go to an MRM event and make a test pass, then show your time slip to the friendly people at the MRM booth. They will do their best to set you up a race.   I promise you, you will have the time of your life and make unforgettable memories!!  SEE YOU AT THE RACES!!
Steve Sherman

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